I am excited to announce the day has finally come to share a dream come true for me. After many years of work and dedication privately, it is time to open the doors of my workshop to the public. I want to thank everyone who has supported me throughout the years it’s because of you this is possible. I look forward to the future, we are just getting started! Repasi

Jimmy is the best! He did a complete yearly service/fluid change, installed a new Intrax suspension, corner weighted, and set up the suspension on my CGT. While on the final test drive he encountered a CEL that indicated an intermittent misfire. He was able to diagnose and fix via rebuilding and cleaning the injectors. He kept me fully apprised of all the work and documented it all along the way.

“Purchasing a Carrera GT isn’t an impulse buy. One must exercise proper due diligence with a professional Pre-Purchase-Inspection (PPI). Upon a couple of phone convos and text messages with Carrera GT Certified Pro, Jimmy Repasi, Jr., I knew he’d be the man for such a task. With tools and all his equipment, he quickly scheduled a trip to Philadelphia from CT to the selling dealer on the East Coast. He

I entrust Jimmy to keep my cars in perfect running condition. It’s like dealing with a factory engineer. Listens, communicates, troubleshoots, diagnoses, and deals with it. Always available, trustworthy, and an amazing source of information. Great guy, big smile! -M.S

Before purchasing my CGT I head heard about a Porsche mechanic that was THE CGT guy and you were crazy to let just any Porsche tech work on such a special car. Upon purchase, I was able to meet THE CGT guy, Jimmy. Jimmy has always been honest, fair, and caring towards me and my car. Not only does Jimmy now work exclusively on my CGT, but he also helps

Jimmy is the only guy in the country I would let touch my CGT. He is the CGT guru! In addition, he has looked after several of my RS and air-cooled cars. The depth of knowledge he has in so many specialty Porsche is unparalleled by anyone I have ever worked within the industry. And he’s a great guy with a ton of passion for Porsche. -J.T

From 2000 to 2015 I was an exotic specialty mechanic.  Today I am blessed to own arguably one of the best cars ever made.  And even though I know my way around an engine bay, Jimmy is the only man to touch my Carrera GT.  His attention to detail and quality is unmatched in the industry and I have seen a lot over my 22-year career.  Congrats on starting your new business and I

Jimmy has taken care of my two Carrera GT for more than a decade. From my first meeting witnessing Jimmy’s passion and attention to detail I knew he had a special talent. Jimmy knows more and has serviced more Porsche CGT than anyone in the USA by a substantial margin and his business was built on referral from happy customers. Highly recommended! -G.M

Purchasing a numbered Porsche like the Carrera GT is not for the faint of heart. A highly bespoke car, sometimes not driven or cared for by caring enthusiasts, this purchase needed the oversight and guidance of an expert. Jimmy gained my trust within 5 minutes of the meeting, was transparent with the important details, and did not overwhelm me with the items that were not relevant. Furthermore, he laid out

Retained Jimmy to perform a PPI prior to purchase. While an unexpected timing issue on an otherwise great original example presented an unforeseen engine out repair, the gained trust and advocate in Jimmy that will span the stewardship of the CGT is priceless. From the onset of issue discovery, Jimmy orchestrated a precise diagnosis, methodically explained the repair process, and chronologically cataloged every step of the way. To call Jimmy