Jimmy is the best!

He did a complete yearly service/fluid change, installed a new Intrax suspension, corner weighted, and set up the suspension on my CGT. While on the final test drive he encountered a CEL that indicated an intermittent misfire. He was able to diagnose and fix via rebuilding and cleaning the injectors.

He kept me fully apprised of all the work and documented it all along the way. He was quick, efficient and the car came back clean, running, and handling better than new.

Jimmy is the CGT guru.

– N.H.

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    john risica

    13 02 2023

    Thanks for looking at this email. I’m sure that you’ve seen this vehicle on Doug’s website:


    If you were going to create a budget to bring this vehicle back to “no excuses”, what would you estimate? I know that you would have to see the car and that this is just a shot in the dark, but is there a number that you can say with a little confidence. $100K….$200K….$300K? I appreciate your time and if you have time for a quick call, my phone is on. Thank you, in advance. John Risica 401-439-3634

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