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Located in Stratford Connecticut, Repasi Motorwerks is a state-of-the-art facility tailored to perform all Porsche services in house. Specializing in all Classic and Modern Porsche models with a team of Porsche Certified Technicians and a combined 50 years of Porsche experience. Owned and operated by Jimmy Repasi, Repasi Motorwerks is North America's benchmark Porsche GT service facility. With over 15 years of worldwide Porsche experience, Jimmy has become the most trusted resource in servicing, repairing, and inspecting Porsche GT cars.

Meet The Team


James (Jimmy) Repasi

Our in House Carrera GT Specialist. Jimmy graduated his trade school at the top of his class and was then recruited by Porsche North America to move to Atlanta and train in their apprenticship program. After completing his training he was hired by Porsche of Fairfield in 2009 as the youngest technician they had in the workshop. He would remain there for 13 years, continuing his training and gaining certifications until becoming a Porsche Gold Meister And Porsche Classic Certified Technician. Soon into his career at Porsche, Jimmy found himself being recognized by the community for his passion for the brand and attention for detail in his work. Quickly becoming the favored technician for the special projects and elite Porsche models. By 2012 Jimmy was solely specializing in Porsche GT models, the most prominent being the Porsche Carrera GT. 10 years later Jimmy has become the most experienced Porsche Carrera GT Technician in the country, working solely on this model for 10 years. This provided Jimmy with the opportunity to take the next step in his career opening Repasi Motorwerks. Allowing him to build a trusted team of local Technicians from the area and have them all work together under one roof to provide the highest level of Porsche Service on all Porsche models.

Jorge Baez

Our in house Modern Porsche Specialist. Jorge started his career at Audi Of Fairfield in early 2014 quickly catching the attention by management for his attention detail, worth ethic and efficiency. By 2015 he was recruited by Porsche of Fairfield where he worked for the next 7 years where he applied those same traits to the Porsche brand. He quickly earned all necessary certifications to apply and positively be evaluated as a Porsche Gold Meister Certified Technician. Landmark certifications include Hybrid Certified, Electrical Vehicle Certified, Carrera GT Certified And Taycan Certified.


Jim Reilly

Our in House Classic Porsche Specialist. Jim is locally known to be the go to guy for anything Porsche Classic, from air cooled to water cooled and rear engine to transaxle. Jim started his career as a technician in 1972 as an apprentice at a local dodge then Toyota dealership before finding his home and true passion at the local Porsche dealership in 1976. Jim would work there for the next 10 years becoming one of the first Porsche Meister Certified Technicians in the area. Using his knowledge and reputation he earned at the Porsche dealer Jim would move on to opening his own workshop specializing in all German car brands. First under the marque of German Car Care then becoming Fairfield County Motorsport. Jim would specialize in supporting local Porsche Club race cars and become a PCA driving instructor. Also earning the respect of the Porsche community country wide by building and supporting the winning car competing in the One Lap Of America Cannonball run from 2003 through 2008. With the support and experience of Jim Reilly, we can take care of all your Porsche Classic needs.

Christopher (Chris) Grande

Our in house diagnostic specialist. Chris has his A.S. in Automotive Technology from NVCC, ASE Master L1 Certification, and also studied at the Shintaro Akatsu School of Design. Since 2004, Christopher has worked with Porsche of Fairfield, Danbury Porsche, Porsche of Wallingford, Sloan Cars and Miller Motorcars. Chris is factory trained with Porsche, Audi, Maserati and Alfa Romeo and is well-versed in both classic and modern car systems. Chris is known for thinking outside the box to solve complex electrical issues and performance concerns. This reputation has led to roles as a lead tech, diagnostic specialist, shop foreman, and manager. Chris’ unique experience has allowed him opportunities to lead interesting projects including restoring a Audi Ur-Quattro, Auto Integrale Lancia rally car, Vector concept cars, and the MC20 Prototype car for the USA tour. Chris’ drive to always be challenged has brought him back to working with the Porsche brand, and he is excited to be working with the talented team at Repasi Motorwerks. When he’s not wrenching, he can be found pursuing other passions such as music, drawing, cooking. and racing Hotwheels with his family.

Repasi Motorwerks (25)

Alex Amaral

Our in house Street/Track Porsche Motorsport Specialist and Enthusiast. Alex started getting his hands dirty tinkering with project cars and motorcycles as it navigated him into the automotive industry. After finishing automotive trade school with perfect distinguished honors, and a 4.0 GPA, Alex was hand selected to attend Porsche’s manufacturer training at Porsche’s North American Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Alex started his professional Career at. Local Porsche dealership. As he worked his way up to a Silver Meister Certification and Hybrid Certified in just 2 years, Alex became known for his dedication and attention to detail. While applying his knowledge to the street cars his curiosity for the motorsport outgrew all else. Alex spent the next 3 years working at a local Porsche motorsport workshop. Alex became a highly successful Race Technician who’s supported all generations of Porsche Cup cars, GT4 Clubsports and GT2RS Clubsports. Alex’s passion and dedication for Porsche Motorsports and Heritage cars will always continue to grow while he learns, innovates, and shares the experiences of all Porsche Enthusiasts!

What We Do

Repasi Motorwerks offers its clients a private service experience built on trust and transparency. Performing all Porsche factory services, inspections, and repairs. Repasi Motorwerks is a state-of-the-art facility tailored to perform all Porsche services in house at their location in Stratford, CT, Connecticut.


Repasi Motorwerks understands the unique requirements of not only servicing your Porsche but preserving your Porsche. Manufacturer-recommended services are far too general and fall short of the long-term conservation of your vehicle. At Repasi Motorwerks, you will be provided with tailored-made services with you, your car, and the purpose of that vehicle in mind.

Repasi Motorwerks specializes in restoring & servicing all Porsche engines, classic and modern. Porsche factory certified in the 911, 944, 928, 959, 993, 996, 997, GT2, GT3, Carrera GT, and 918 Spyder.

Chassis Setup

Our expertise and knowledge in chassis geometry and scaling paired with industry-leading precision equipment put us at the forefront of chassis dynamics and suspension tuning.


On-site Pre Purchase Inspections can be performed anywhere in the US. All factory diagnostics and special equipment to safely lift the vehicle and thoroughly inspect the entire chassis and drivetrain. We provide detailed documentation of all items found through photos and a full inspection report, accompanied by an itemized price quote for any repairs or services found necessary.


Repasi Motorworks has developed relationships with industry leaders in Porsche Motorsports and high-performance industries. Partnering directly with the manufacturers of the products we use allows us to be supplied with the most reliable and cutting-edge technology available on the market.

Who We Service

Repasi Motorwerks is a state of the art Porsche Service Center. We provide all Porsche services to our local clients in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, as well as our clients across the United States and worldwide. We are the leaders in Porsche independent service, and Porsche performance work. Providing all Porsche Classic and Modern Porsche vehicle repairs. We are able to provide all Porsche services with the same technology, parts and equipment as Porsche dealerships, with a more personal service experience.

Our Facility

A unique brand of cars deserves a particular type of facility. We have designed our Porsche service Facility in Stratford, CT, Connecticut, to provide the best service possible. Take a look at the newest state-of-the-art facility for Porsche GT vehicles.

Carrera GT

Repasi Motorwerks specializes in all Porsche GT models, primarily focusing on the Porsche Carrera GT. With our large assortment of in-stock parts, we can provide the following services and more on your Porsche Carrera GT quickly and efficiently. We are so confident with our products, that some services are guaranteed for life.


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